Motorhome Dinner with the Rotes Einhorn

Wohnmobil vor dem Hotel-Restaurant Rotes Einhorn in Düren

Spending a cosy evening in the restaurant with family or friends and indulging in delicious food and freshly tapped drinks is unfortunately not quite possible yet.
Aber fast!

Necessity is the mother of invention and makes for a successful change in these challenging times: The motorhome dinner.

It's as simple as this:

Make a booking in advance by calling +49 (0) 24 21 / 99 89 50 and park your motorhome in our spacious car park. After you have briefly checked in at the restaurant, you can make yourself comfortable in your rolling household and let our service staff serve you. The food and drinks are selected from the menu and served on fine china or in a glass - everything almost like a normal visit to a restaurant.

Get ready for your very own motorhome dinner - the special alternative to eating-to-go.