Delicious Food in Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Rotes Einhorn To-Go

Food tastes best when it's beautifully arranged and served on fine china by our service team with a smile in the restaurant - there's no question about that.

We are also looking forward to the day when we can offer you this service again. Until then, you do not have to live without the pleasure of our delicacies: With the Rotes Einhorn Drive-In we offer food for pick up or by appointment for delivery, daily from 12 pm - 9 pm.

In order to bring your favorite dish from A to B in a sustainable way and at the same time presenting it nicely, we use environmentally friendly materials in top quality for the packaging. All ToGo packaging is made of recycled material, is recyclable and partly reusable. We do not use any plastic at all!

It looks like plastic, but it's not: The trays made of the bioplastic PLA are free of petroleum and biodegradable according to DIN 13432. The same applies to the cardboard trays coated with PLA and our take-away containers made from sugar cane residual fibers - a by-product of sugar production. A clean solution!